SNAFU Dragon Hunt

Sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a mighty SNAFU! (Beware! SPOILERS for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous video game ahead!!) Quest is hunting a dragon that’s been harrassing the AO. I had to take this Dragon Hunter Assassin into my party. Not only that, but I had to PAY for hisContinue reading “SNAFU Dragon Hunt”

New series on youtube & podcast!

I have begun my new series on youtube. And, I’ll be posting the audio as a podcast! There’ll be links below. The series is going to be a Retrospective Look Back at the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. The first episode is an Intro video where I’ll tell you a bit about my plans for thisContinue reading “New series on youtube & podcast!”

I love the smell of Pathfinder in the morning! Smells like…gaming.

I’ve been hankering for Pathfinder lately. Debated on dusting off the books and dice and trying to organize an in-person game somewhere since things started to open back up, or maybe revive the Strange Aeons or Hell’s Vengeance campaigns that are in ‘hiatus’. But then things are starting to lock down again. Sigh. Since IContinue reading “I love the smell of Pathfinder in the morning! Smells like…gaming.”