IL-2 Ten Days of Autumn Stream!

I decided I would try to stream more. So my plan is to stream while playing the Official scripted campaigns in IL-2 Great Battles. I know it’s not as glamorous as PvP against other players, but…I like flying missions!

I’m going to start with Ten Days of Autumn, from Battle of Moscow, flying in a bf109F-2.
I’m thinking of Sunday Mornings, 8:30ish Central. More cause that’s a time I shouldn’t have much in the way of other commitments to interfer with flying. The videos will be archived on my youtube channel later in the day. I’ll probably do 1-2 missions, at least to start, just an hour or two to get the day started! Links in the image, but in case you don’t see that, or need a clickable link:

Anyway, join me and together we can rule the Eastern Front!

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