Roll Player Adventures!!!

One of my highly anticipated kickstarters arrived: the next game in the Roll Player series, from Thunderworks Games! This is Adventures! (and with a Day One Expansion which has it’s own 300 page book!) The shipped weight was 22.8 pounds. Almost TWENTY THREE pounds!!! It’s basically the Gloomhaven of Dice Manipulation games. It is stand alone, but you can import characters made with the Roll Player games. It’s also a Solo or multiplayer game. My favorite component are the individual storybooks that evoke strong inspiration from the Old D&D modules. I am super excited about it! It’s been a long almost year and a half of avoiding spoilers and even a Demo of it on Tabletop Simulator! I shot an unboxing video, of course, that will be up later tonight, I’ll post a link here when it’s live. I’ll have to get my Streaming Stuff setup again and stream some game play of it this weekend. So excited for it!

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