SNAFU Dragon Hunt

Sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a mighty SNAFU!

(Beware! SPOILERS for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous video game ahead!!)

Quest is hunting a dragon that’s been harrassing the AO. I had to take this Dragon Hunter Assassin into my party. Not only that, but I had to PAY for his services?!

So we fight this dragon two times and eventually track it to it’s lair after it flies off after a few turns of combat. There’s a scripted story scene where you have to pass some checks to make it down a cliff, which so far in my many attempts I always manage to fail (even though my scout’s skills are much higher than the paid doofus’ are).

Now, you land all beat up (like nearly half HP gone), fatigued (-2 to str and dex, plus other issues) from the journey to get there (game doesn’t let you rest), and right at the dragon’s feet, so no time to buff up, or even get strategically placed for the fight. Total Dick DM BS move! So, first fight goes badly, obviously. Reload. Set up spells for my casters, equip meleers with potions and such to help them out. Do it again. Game glitches a couple times in various ways. Reload Again. Now, this time I have the Plan Down. But, as they say, “a plan is a list of things that don’t happen”!

The people that I didn’t expect to fail Will Saves fail Will Saves and run off scared before they can get thier Will Buffing, Protection From, and other buff spells up. Zan throws out a Dispel Magic to drop the effect on the dragon that is giving it Concealment, which combined with it’s artifically high AC, means nobody in the party can hit it. Much to Zan’s rising dismay, she doesn’t overcome the Dragon’s caster skill check, so the spell doesn’t work. By this time nearly everyone is down or hiding in a corner pissing their pants. The only things working are Zan’s various nasty Necromantic spells so she is standing there throwing down dragon-e-elf (with a pigmentation problem since Drow aren’t a playable race option in WotR).

I think it’s all done when the weapons get sheathed and the little Combat Over Ding Dong tone plays. But no…dragon friggin’ flies off again!!!

And then, Mr Profeshunol Dragon Hunter says this crap:


Zan is standing there looking like this:

You see this glowing? Not everybody can do this…

Do you know what happens when you say shit like that to the Commander of the Fifth Crusade, Liberator of Drezen and Kenabres, Legendary Spellcaster and Apprentice Lich?

Violence. Violence Happens.

Best part was Zan didn’t even raise a Finger (of Death) against him! Zan’s girlfriend Wendi took care of the d-bag for her! (While boyfriend Daeran looked on, probably still working up a snappy response to the jerkwad’s rude statement) Muhahahahahaha!

So now he’s dead, I have his stuff, and I am debating if I continue at this state, or try it all again…tempted to leave it as is. Zan (and I) really did not like Mister Hired Gun.

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