New series on youtube & podcast!

I have begun my new series on youtube. And, I’ll be posting the audio as a podcast! There’ll be links below.

The series is going to be a Retrospective Look Back at the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. The first episode is an Intro video where I’ll tell you a bit about my plans for this series. What it is about, what it won’t be about, and there’s a bit of history about paizo and Pathfinder and how the game came about.

I plan on covering each of the hardback books, 31 in all! I’ll be doing them in published order so we can explore the development of the game over it’s 10 year life cycle.

And, being me, there will be some rambling about my experiences with the books in both home games and Organized Play game sessions.

Plan is to put up a new video every other Sunday! That should work out to a whole year of Pathfinder goodness!

Here’s the Intro Video:


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