I love the smell of Pathfinder in the morning! Smells like…gaming.

I’ve been hankering for Pathfinder lately. Debated on dusting off the books and dice and trying to organize an in-person game somewhere since things started to open back up, or maybe revive the Strange Aeons or Hell’s Vengeance campaigns that are in ‘hiatus’. But then things are starting to lock down again. Sigh.

Since I self-imploded my youtube and have decided to not to music stuff with it any more, I thought about what I could do with it. I’m considering doing a series of RPG Book Reviews. I have tons of Pathfinder, and some stuff in DCC and Call of Cthulhu I could utilize.

Then I thought, on this shiny new website, it has a feature to host podcasts. So, my thinking is I can do a video of the book review and of course keep in mind an ‘audio only’ style, and then when I’m done editing, well, I have this handy podcast ready audio track! Two Birds, One Stone! (Pending I make the Attack Throw with Throw Anything and Ventriloquism feats, of course…)

This will give me some of that ‘just got a new book and let’s read through it and think/talk about it with others!’ thing.

Then, as to actually Playing some Pathfinder:

Owlcats Games Wrath of the Righteous releases September 2nd! It’s a follow up to their (after a bit of a rocky launch) mostly excellent Kingmaker game. I kickstarted both, and am very excited about Wrath!

Now, normally when I play video games I have some issues/habits/hang-ups:
1) I rarely stick with them past 10-15 hours
2) I rarely replay them when I do actually complete a game.
a) I tend to play fairly exhaustively when I do get hooked on a game doing all the side quests and exploring the map, etc
b) I usually don’t want to play the whole thing again just to see different endings or have different relationships.
c) exceptions are a few MMOs or games with a reason to play around with character builds, like PF:KM’s excellent endless dungeon DLC

But, with WotR, I actually have plans for at least 3 playthroughs!
1) Recreate my Society Organized Play Kitsune Slumber Witch (So much fun to play and I can almost guarantee there won’t be an NPC Companion setup to do that!)
2) Play an aasimar Paladin through the Angel Mythic Path. I mean, come on the whole thing is fighting demons. It’s Paizo’s Diablo, pretty much.
3) Have Zan finally appear in a Pathfinder product, playing as a Necromancer through the Lich Mythic Path! Although drow aren’t a playable race (they’re … different in Golarion) so it might have to be Zan in Spirit…Much like Ael in Neverwinter Nights, she’ll probably have to just be an Elf with a pigmentation problem. (And one hell of an attitude problem!) 😉

So, I’m thinking of maybe trying to actually have a weekly scheduled Twitch night where I will play WotR. I won’t limit my playing to just that night though, but I think I should try to have the weekly session. It will give me that ‘It’s Game Day’ feeling. Hopefully too that will help me focus on playing the game and interacting more on camera about it. Especially with the Witch, just comparing the crpg to the ttrpg alone should give me stuff to talk/complain about. ;

Let me know what you think!

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